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Reading the I Ching

Chance again

At the base of the Book of Changes, one finds chance. Chance is foreign to knowledge as to Western thinking, but is the principle of movement or change which gives the name to this book.

You can follow chance in order to hink the situations it gives rise. An I Ching reading partakes on the same movement of chance that determines the situation that we want to inquire.


Better knowing the reading methods

For this reason, any reading method is basically correct. One can, for example, simply open the I Ching at random and read the answer.

However, two methods have been imposed on the course of history, sticks and coins. Remember that no method is inherently better than any other ant that they differ only in their capacity to promote concentration.

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In addition to these two methods, there are now those offered by websites.

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Infinitao is a new web version of the I Ching. It has many levels of interpretation to to help you achieve concentration in order to arrive at the best interpretation.

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