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The new trend of online I Ching websites should not be considered as new as it seems because it is the natural development of the coins reading method. Web reading is a quick reading method, entirely appart from the sticks method.

However, web or online reading may produce shallow results since existing sites aims at indicating an immediate response, such as "that is good" or "this is bad", or that "one sould do this or that". If web technology allows quickness, it is also responsible por impovering the experience of the I Ching.

Infinitao's strategy

However, an empovered approach to a web I Ching reading is not necessary, and infinitao constitutes an evidence of it. It offers a renew web experience of the I Ching.

Infinitao dos so by offering four different levels of texts which presents:

  • The traditional components, represented by the hexagrams, trigrams and lines.
  • A quick response.
  • A detailed answer.
  • Nine symbols to help indicate trends of mobile lines.
Infinitao is more than a free tool for reading the I Ching: it is an entirely new edition, a web edition. Infinitao is a web edition because all texts have been rewritten according to a contemporary western sensibility which presents the original hexagrams entirely freed form the moralizing judgments of religious missionaries who first introduced them in the West. It is this sensiblitity, open to the philosophical use of chance as a principle, which can be experienced here in this website.



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