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The I Ching is one of the most ancient thought systems

The I Ching is a classical text of Chinese culture, being one of the earliest printed books. It shows the strength of Tao, the principle of change effected by chance. It takes place in every dimension of life, in the evolutions and revolutions of the world as well as in natural cycles.

Infinitao proposes to allow each one, by his own means, to arrive at an interpretation of the general principle of a movement which operates by chance. In order to interpret the hexagrams, one must question the lines of force of a given situation, what limits its developement and that which opens it to a new future.



Infinitao does not seek to transform this classic book into an oracle providing quick answers to our questions: infinitao constitutes a bet opposed to the current trend which considers computing as a simple tool, useful and disposable. Its task is to spread an ancient way of thinking that has much to teach us about the world we live today.

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